Link to HILL303.COM to buy the book Massacre at Hill 303, the riveting story of James Melvin Rudd who survived a POW massacre early in the Korean War.


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        Basil B. Clark

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"In our diversity of experiences we find just how

much we have in common."

- from War Wounded: Let the Healing Begin


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There is a place beyond the war.

Not just the wars that depleted our national treasures of young men and women, and forced families to live in at least subconscious fear of a knock on the door by the pastor, chaplain, or other military representative.

Here at we recognize the need for healing on the sometimes long journey home after one suffers from the aftermath of a military war; a traumatic loss or event; abuse in its various forms; illnesses which hinder; rejection and loneliness; and a sundry of other ways we can receive inner woundings. And these, along with other handicaps not listed, have impact on our lives and relationships with others.